random thoughts

"Non preconception is the precondition to discovery."                   - Robert Flaherty

random thoughts are a series of paintings on 8 x 8" wood panels begun early 2005.
Somehow, they have become the basis for almost everything I have done since.
You can use this page as a guide to the journey I am on.

random thoughts

The beginnings of this series, there are currently over 130 random thoughts paintings.

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the random thoughts game
an interactive project

A game that you can play based on the random thoughts paintings.

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random pairings

Diptychs that I have created using my digital photographs.

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random pairings squared

The beginnings of a book: in this project I will be pairing my photographs with paintings from the random thoughts series.
The photographs are all taken on 120 film and mostly with toy/plastic cameras.
This project is in its very formative stages, the link below will take you to an album of pairings;
half are 2 photographic images paired, the other half are a painting paired with a photograph.

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random thoughts: the blog

My photoblog; images from December 2004 to 2011

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