A painted picture is like a vehicle. One can either sit in the driveway and take it apart or one can get in it and go somewhere. - Mark Tansey


The thought that I am "mapping" something comes to me often while I am painting and the word "mapping" has been part of many a working title. I am never absolutely clear what I am making a map of; but it always feels that it is part of the unconscious; that somehow the act of painting/drawing will chart a course.

As I wrote in the Random Thoughts statement; when I was preparing for through the looking glass, I tried very deliberately to move the energy I found creating the Random Thoughts series into the making of the larger work. I used the mapping series (which is made up of canvases of a medium size: 26" x 29, an unusual one for me to work in) as a "bridge" over which I might carry the spontaneity and joy of the small work into the larger. I developed a pattern of starting with the small pieces and just when I felt I was "in the flow", I would switch gears and start to work in this intermediate format. It was almost as if I was tricking myself into venturing into a land of freedom and abandon. Then, I would repeat this transitory process and eventually ended up engaged with the larger work in a much different way than I was used to.

So, in a sense, I suppose these paintings can be seen as mapping an energy flow from one place to another.