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Neil Feigeles, untitled
glass & tile acrylic paints on plexi-glass
18" x 24", August 2002

This piece was created to help promote the theatre piece '3 Weeks After Paradise: A Voice From NYC' by Israel Horovitz. Personally I wanted to convey a feeling of joy from the tragedy that occurred. That the spirit of those lost are still among us. And the beauty that was the World Trade Center Towers still symbolizes the best in mankind.  I usually work in oil paint on canvas but felt that the transparent nature of this medium gave the work a more spiritial feel which is what I was striving to achieve.

Personally, I actually missed the tragic event. Here is my story. The night before, I had attended a networking event across the street from the twin towers with a friend. As I had so often done in the past I looked up to see the majestic towers, but because of the really bad rain storm the beauty of the Twin Towers was practically hidden. To my sadness I couldn't see anything above the 20th or 30th floor. I actually made a what now seems almost eerie statement. "Oh, I can't see the towers, my favorite site. I guess I'll see them the next time I'm downtown." I guess not. I spent that night painting and fell asleep aproximately 6 am. The phone rang 3 times, once at 9:15am, then at 10:30 am and finally at 12:30 pm which was when I actually picked up the phone. And heard the terrible news. My mother informed me that Towers had been hit by a plane. I queried, do you think they will rebuild them. Thinking it was just a minor incident.  My mom, then said these words which I will never forget. "What do you mean rebuild. They're gone."

I spent the next 3 days glued to my television set. Stunned, saddened and horrified about the events. And happy that I had actually not witnessed the event itself.  I can only imagine what it must have felt to watch the incident as it was unfolding.

Performed 9/10 & 9/11 at the 13th Steet Repertory Theatre in NYC.

The piece which was written by Israel Horovitz is entitled '3 Weeks After Paradise: A Voice From NYC'. One-man show about the playwright's personal connection to 9/11. There will be performances of this piece all over the world on September 11th.

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