Behind the Lens

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.                  -Carl Jung

The projects listed below, are part of an ongoing exploration of the connection
between my photographs and my paintings.

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Behind the Lens artist statement

somewhere in between

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random pairings: introduction  

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daily bread
the other side

the images above change each day, they are hosted on fotola; an intimate photoblogging platform where i have been posting daily, to two blogs, since 2004.
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365 day projects

daily self portraits and (not so) random thoughts

30 years ago, my division III (senior thesis) exhibition was partially comprised of a series of books contining daily self portraits accompanied by a journal entry. 30 years later, on September 1, 2008, I started participating in a group project: 365 days. This blog is an offshoot of that project.

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from the studio

9/1/09 - 8/31/10

Taking a photograqph in the studio, every day was how I decided to continue with a 365 day project without taking self portraits. I wanted a subject matter that I was intimately connected with, so if not "me" then my studio. For a while this blog was the front page of this site, but at a certain point I needed it to be more of a journal and what I was writing about did not seem well suited to being an introduction to my work.

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sink or swim

9/1/10 - present

The third iteration of keeping the 365day project; this one is made up of daily cell phone snaps. It has previously been titled: "running away from home" and "treading water"

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a flower every day (for marina abramovic)

photographs, drawings and writings in response to the exhibition
"The Artist Is Present" at MOMA 3/14-5/31/2010

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random thoughts: the blog

a photoblog; images from december 2004 - 2011

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small things

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