in honor of and inspired by
"The House With the Ocean View"

An artist needs to become familiar with that which is most hidden from the self by the self for this one thing which one fears to know is often the driving force in one's life.  These recognitions seen in art are the difference between decent and extraordinary and great.             - Pat Stier

On Sunday, November 10, I read Steven Henry Madoff 's article: "A Viewable Fast, Enforced by Knives" about an upcoming performance piece by Marina Abramovic at the Sean Kelly Gallery.  I understood deep in my gut how important this piece would be, and because I felt that way, I also realized that I had a responsibility to support it by attending  every day.  I brought a new journal with me, not knowing what to expect and made a few pages of drawings in it while I was there.  When I went home that night, still focused on the performance,  I did my normal hour of painting in my 5 journals and decided to bring that daily practice to the gallery with me.  I also made the decision to paint a postcard every day to send to Marina and in solidarity with her fasting, I decided not to drink alcohol for the duration of the piece.

The experience of attending this performance was rich, varied and very emotional.  Just the action of painting during a performance devoted to being, was difficult. Breaking down my highly honed (NY) basrriers to intimacy with strangers was another hurdle, but necessary to being a part of the piece.  I think I chose the quote above because it applies to the experience and journey that I made as a participant and (I believe) Marina made as a performer during the duration of the performance.  At some point perhaps I will write about the experience further, hopefully the images I made are an adequate representation of what evolved for me.