Left Hand/Right Hand
a dialogue

"I am still trying to find out what painting is, and the only way to do that is to be alone.  The loneliness has to do with what you do."                         - Estaban Vicente

When ArtPals came to a slow halt and when I was not able to obtain funding to develop discussion II of theARTproject, I came up with Left Hand/Right Hand as a means to further explore the concept of communication solely through images.  I had already added "Left Handed" to the journals that are part of my daily hour of watercolor: a bout with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome had scared me into feeling that I had better develop the capabilities of my left hand.  I also saw the left handed project as a way to  develop an under used part of my brain; something I was convinced would keep my mind younger and more agile.

At its simplest, Left Hand/Right Hand is a daily dialogue between the right and left sides of my brain.