Small Series

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My small work has always been extremely important to me, in fact, I often say that I think I do the large work so that I can make the small. There is something about the immediacy, the intimacy, the vulnerability that appeals to me. It doesn't seem so important and so there is more freedom. It is on a scale of things we take care, things that are smaller than us, like children or animals, we don't expect much from it which gives it a chance to speak in it's own voice, which can be loud or soft. Small work is a moment, something seen that might otherwise be forgotten, small work is a reminder to look more carefully. Small work does not need to carry the weight of the world or solve problems on an international scale, it just needs to be seen and to give a little something that might or might not make a large or a small difference.

Two projects that have come out of this concern are the random thoughts paintings and the small things series.