submission guidelines

once you have an arrangement of pieces that you would like to submit to the random thoughts game,
you need to send me some sort of visual representation so that i can duplicate it on the random thoughts game blog.
this can be done by either email or snail mail (Nina Meledandri/22 Wooster St, 2C/New York NY 10013/USA) .

what is MOST important is that i understand what your submission looks like:

the easiest/quickest way for many people will be to send me a photo of your finished submission,
but if that doesn't work for you:

each playing piece has a number on the back as well as 4 letters,
   the number identifies the piece,
   the letters are used to define the orientation in case you have turned one

so if your layout looks like this:


you submit:

880N   879S   862W
881N   863S   877N

and you would submit:


if your configuration looks like this: