Starting With a Line
(the color within)

ANTLER, oil on canvas, 36" x 48", 1988

When I showed one of my first paintings to an artist friend of mine (also a teacher), she said "How brave of you to paint those red".  I was kind of taken aback, to me the end of the antler was red, that is what I saw when I looked at it in the context of the painting, not when it was sitting on my shelf, just when I was painting it.  This revealed to me something about my relationship to color, its emotive quality and how I saw the color of the things I was passionate about.

"Starting With a Line" comes originally from one of my daily watercolor journals, and was originally called "Starting With Line".  This journal was started to give my need to doodle recognition and a voice.  At a certain point, after working with the Beach paintings for 3 years, the journal morphed into "Starting With A Line" and I use it to explore the relationship of colors (in an almost Albers sense) and the power of the horizon line.  After spending 3 summers staring into the ocean and painting what mystifies me, I felt a need to abstract what I had absorbed.  The canvases I had designated for WIP Project were almost all completed and I wanted to start another series where I charted the development of my work.  Given the fixed size and form of these paintings (9" x 12" on board with a dividing line through the middle), I have plans to make actual physical flip books from this work.